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HWP provides rigging services to a variety of industrial and commercial clients. Our experienced staff and large inventory of rigging and transportation equipment allows us to offer our services to a diverse clientele, with applications in industries ranging from aerospace to arts and artifacts.

Aerospace is one of the most technologically advanced industries in the world with regard to manufacturing and product development. The machines utilized for the manufacturing of aerospace parts and aircraft are equally as advanced and require extreme care and precision during setup and teardown. HWP Rigging is prepared to address your particular aerospace rigging needs with innovative rigging, transportation, and engineering services for aircraft and manufacturing equipment. With our capabilities and experience we can assure you that every job we do will be completed safely and efficiently.

HWP services a variety of customers in automotive manufacturing. Our team of experienced rigging technicians is well-versed in the relocation and setup of: injection-molding presses, stamping and blanking presses, metal working and forming equipment, and other various automotive manufacturing machines. We are a preferred rigging vendor for several OEM manufacturers, and have in house factory-trained staff who can handle unloading and machine setup without the need for a factory representative being present onsite.

HWP Rigging has a great deal of experience servicing the electrical generation and power distribution industry. Some common projects include: relocation of power transformers, steam turbine service, and industrial motor rigging and relocation. Our qualified riggers, operators, and drivers have years of experience moving heavy electrical equipment, and have the necessary tools at their disposal to get the job done right.

The petrochemical industry is known for its extremely large and heavy process equipment that many times must be precisely placed in congested plant areas. Innovation is our specialty at HWP; our in-house staff of engineers and planners have years of project experience, and work to assure that all safety and design requirements are met. Let HWP Rigging plan and perform your next critical lift and you’ll see that you can count on HWP.

Rigging in the food and beverage industry has specific job requirements with regards to personal hygiene, cleanliness, and equipment usage. HWP has the resources and equipment necessary to operate effectively in most controlled environments. We set aside equipment specifically for use in “clean room” environments. We have a selection of electric-powered lifting equipment for use in clean room areas. Our technicians understand the restrictions and guidelines set forth by food manufacturing regulatory bodies and take special care when working in such facilities.

Precision printing and packaging equipment requires attention to detail during startup in order to deliver a quality product. HWP Rigging provides expert printing press and machinery dismantling, rigging, and transportation services. Our technicians are routinely engaged in assembly and relocation of equipment such as: printing presses, cutters, molding presses, and material handling equipment. We promise that your machinery will be handled with care, no matter how large or small your project is.

At HWP we appreciate the value of culture and art. Some of our most interesting and technically challenging jobs have involved the rigging and transportation of large, irregularly shaped sculptures and works of art. We know that dismantling and transporting art and artifacts requires extreme care, and that each piece presents different challenges. For these reasons, we provide engineered lift plans, crate construction, and carefully handle your cargo using task-specific rigging tools.

Our technicians have extensive training and experience in rigging and relocating medical imaging equipment such as MRI, CT scan, and X-ray machines. We have worked with field technicians from all major manufacturers and are a preferred mover for many brands. We take special care to ensure safe working practices around magnetic equipment and have a variety of non-ferrous tools and rigging equipment for use on live magnet type machines.