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HWP worked with the client to develop this innovative approach to constructing a pedestrian bridge connecting two high-rise office buildings in a busy metropolitan setting. The work was performed in a single weekend, which helped to minimize impact to traffic and the local community. Moving this structure in its entirety required the combined use of many different types of rigging and transportation equipment including: self-propelled modular transporters, hydraulic gantries, and a hydraulic turntable. All of the equipment was seamlessly integrated in order to safely and efficiently transport and lift the structure into place in one continuous sequence.

Aerospace technology is a fast-paced and demanding industry. HWP Rigging provided shop space for a leading aerospace equipment manufacturer to fabricate this autoclave over the course of several months. Upon its completion, HWP loaded and transported this impressive machine to a new state-of-the-art aerospace manufacturing facility in St. Louis, MO. The cargo was transported using our Goldhofer dual-lane hydraulic platform trailer, which allowed this heavy cargo to traverse long bridge spans without exceeding weight restrictions. HWP Rigging technicians then unloaded, set in place, and precision leveled this machine upon arrival at the destination facility.

Moving heavy cargo around the world requires extensive knowledge, industry partners, and the use of specialized rigging and transportation tools and methods. This video illustrates the key elements of moving heavy cargo, quite literally, across oceans. HWP assists with transferring the heavy cargo at the US port of entry, follows the cargo northbound through inland waterways via river barge, and meets the cargo near its final destination. From there these 350 ton pieces are unloaded from the river barge and transported by HWP to the end user’s facility for installation. HWP is capable of coordinating and assisting with all aspects of such specialized, international logistics projects.

HWP Rigging utilizes our modular, dual lane hydraulic platform trailer to transport a flue gas cooler weighing over 150 tons. This specialized trailer gives HWP the ability to move heavy cargo over public highways and bridges by spreading the load’s weight over two traffic lanes, which drastically increases the permissible cargo-carrying capacity of the trailer. In most U.S. states, this trailer can legally carry payloads up to 250 tons on public highways and bridges. Each of the trailers 24 axles steer independently, which improves maneuverability in sharp turns. The overall length, width and number of axles are fully adjustable to meet varying structural requirements for bridges and roadways.

This video showcases our 65 Ton TriLifter used in combination with two 75 Ton Lift Systems Mobilift’s to safely remove large overhead bridge cranes from the ceiling of a customer’s warehouse. The TriLifter is an ideal tool for such projects where a load must be rotated, lowered, and translated horizontally without re-rigging or requiring a large amount of setup and additional equipment.

The scope of this project included up-righting and setting in place a liquid nitrogen storage vessel weighing nearly 50 tons. The vessel was installed in a confined area near the center of an operational facility without disturbing any existing plant equipment. A lift tower over 60’ tall consisting of structural columns and beams, hydraulic gantries, and a hydraulic beam trolley was erected to facilitate installation of the vessel. The vessel traveled through the inverted ‘U’ shaped structure and beneath the gantry during the installation and up-righting process.

Transportation and rigging of another major radial forging press component; the second of a two part, multi-month transportation and rigging project. Lower than average water levels added a unique challenge to unloading these 150 ton loads from the river barge. The loads were transported at night, when little traffic was present, with the help of law enforcement and utility officials to ensure that the loads arrived safely to their final destination. The four post gantry from part one of the project was reconfigured for use in setting these components, which minimized the amount of rigging equipment required to complete the project.

Our crew transports and installs the primary component of a large hydraulic radial forging press for a customer in the southern United States. For this project HWP provided equipment and marine engineering expertise to receive the cargo from an ocean freighter and transport it safely via river barge, where it was met by one of our rigging and transport crews for unloading, over-the-road transport, and installation. For final placement a four-post hydraulic gantry was used to lift the 150 ton load, rotate it ninety degrees, and set it in place with a tolerance of no more than a fraction of a millimeter.

Working alongside utility contractors and traffic enforcement officials, this video highlights one of our crew’s transporting and installing a large transformer unit delivered to a local substation. The unit was hauled over the road with one of HWP’s 18 axle heavy haul trailers then transferred to our self-propelled modular transporter for maneuvering within the confines of the substation. Our hydraulic skidding system and jacks were used for unloading and placement of the unit.

This video illustrates a unique application of hydraulic gantries for temporary support and lifting of a heavy piece of process equipment at a cement manufacturing facility. Gantry jacks were used to lift this 500,000 lbs. ball mill so that a section of the mill could be cut apart and replaced. This work had to be completed with minimal disruption to production at the plant, which presented a distinct set of challenges. Our team was able to deliver the appropriate equipment and personnel to complete the job in a safe and timely manner.

Working on water presents a unique set of technical challenges for rigging crews. In this video a 200 ton cement mill is loaded onto a river barge on its way to Peru. HWP’s portable bridge is used to span the gap between the boat ramp and barge deck.

HWP uses the Hydra-slide skidding system, Goldhofer transporter, and hydraulic gantries to transport and set in place two large liquid oxygen vessels. The vessels travel approximately 3/4 of a mile over dark city streets from the rail site to the customer’s facility. They are then precisely placed on elevated foundations within inches of each other.

HWP partnered with Canadian vendor Hydra-Slide to shoot this video promoting Hydra-Slide’s 500 ton hydraulic skidding system. HWP uses this system in applications where an extremely heavy load must be placed in a precise location. The hydra-slide system is also ideal for situations with limited overhead clearance. We thank the folks at Hydra-Slide for inviting us to be a part of their marketing endeavors and for providing an excellent product to the rigging industry!

An HWP rigging crew uses two 75 ton Mobilift’s to unload and set in place a series of precast reinforced concrete bridge girders. The concrete girders are attached to a steel lifting beam to add flexural strength to the members during the rigging process.

In this video, HWP crews disassemble and load a modular pilot plant using VersaLift boom trucks. In addition, HWP delivered this equipment to the end user utilizing our own fleet of heavy haul tractor/trailers and assisted in re-assembling the process equipment at the user’s facility. For more information about the pilot plant, please visit https://www.epicmodularprocess.com/.