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HWP maintains its own fleet of state of the art, high-quality rigging and transportation equipment. Our team of qualified rigging specialists possesses the knowledge required to utilize this equipment to its fullest extent; providing our customers with a high quality and high performance service. All of our equipment is regularly inspected and serviced to ensure the highest levels of on-the-job safety and reliability. Our wide selection of rigging equipment includes Versa-Lift® fork trucks, up to 110 ton Mobilifts, mobile cranes, various below-the-hook rigging tackle and devices, gantry cranes, rough-terrain fork trucks, and much more.

The Versa-Lift is a unique forklift in which the chassis mounted counterweight extends in order to achieve greater lifting capacities. The machine is also equipped with a removable hydraulic boom. The Versa-Lift was designed specifically for moving heavy machinery and equipment in the confines of an operating plant facility. HWP has a fleet of Versa-Lift fork trucks including the 25/35, 40/60, 60/80, and 85/115 Versa-Lift models. This range of machines is capable of handling loads ranging from 25,000 lbs. to 150,000 lbs.

The Mobilift looks very similar to a light duty mobile crane, though this relatively small machine is capable of lifting up to 110 tons while occupying about half the space that would be required of a hydraulic mobile crane with similar capacity. This machine is well suited to jobs that require lifting a heavy load in a confined workspace such as a manufacturing facility or power plant. Another major advantage of the Mobilift is that it can be delivered to a jobsite fully assembled on a single tractor trailer. This attribute reduces transportation and setup costs and allows us to mobilize quickly, work safely, and complete the job in an efficient manner. Our Mobilift’s are available in both a 75 ton and 110 ton lifting capacity.

The Goldhofer modular transporter is an amazing transportation machine that is designed to move extremely large and heavy loads. The transporter can be broken apart into modular units and built to a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The unit can be towed behind a conventional road truck for over-the-road travel or can be set up as a self-propelled unit for operation in confined areas. For excessively tall loads, a drop-deck can be installed between modular axle units. HWP has moved loads weighing over 1 million pounds using the Goldhofer PST-SL type transporter. Our fleet contains in excess of 50 lines of SL style Goldhofer modules, and in excess of 20 axles of Goldhofer DR dual lane over-the-road trailer modules.

HWP’s Hydra-slide beam system offers a safe and precise means of moving extremely large loads over short distances. This system consists of structural beams with a smooth, graphite-coated upper surface on which multiple “shoes” travel, which support the load. Hydraulic power is used to push the shoes along the beams. The system eliminates the need to suspend a heavy load overhead, removing many safety and logistical concerns. Hydraulic control means that the load can be precisely positioned. Common applications of the slide system include relocation of large power transformers, fluid/gas vessels, and transfer of large loads between rail and road transport equipment.

HWP has several hydraulic gantry crane systems for precision lifting applications and extreme weight. Gantries can be an ideal solution for projects which require a very heavy load to be relocated in a precise manner or in situations where a conventional crane cannot be setup close enough to the work area to safely lift a load. Our largest gantries have the capability to lift a 1200 ton load and place it precisely in its desired location with ease. Gantries can be assembled with hydraulic beam trollies to provide true three-axis movement in both the vertical and horizontal directions. Gantry systems can provide a cost-effective alternative to conventional mobile crane lifting.

The engineering team at HWP takes pride in developing innovative solutions to unique rigging and lifting challenges. We use the latest in computer software and analysis techniques to design lifting and rigging tackle and devices for a wide variety of applications. Our engineering team is well-versed in the OSHA and ASME guidelines and requirements for design, fabrication, and application of heavy lifting and rigging equipment. We offer Professional Engineer (PE) developed and approved lift plans and designs.

HWP maintains a comprehensive fleet of specialized hauling equipment suited for transportation of various heavy cargo. Our fleet includes: multi-axle steerable trailers up to 20 axles, Dual-lane platform trailers up to 24 axles, perimeter-frame multi-axle trailers, and a wide variety of heavy and standard duty trailers for various applications. HWP provides its own, trained, private escorts for superload moves, and commonly works with state and local law enforcement to safely move oversize equipment. We are familiar with most U.S. states’ various oversize load hauling restrictions and requirements.

The TLF-65 TriLifter is specifically designed to move heavy loads in confined spaces.  It is well-suited to moving heavy industrial machinery and equipment. The TriLifter can be mobilized to a jobsite fully assembled on a single tractor trailer. It can be used as a boom truck, fork lift, or mobile gantry. Large rubber tires serve to evenly distribute load to the supporting surface below. A common application for this machine is the installation and removal of plant bridge cranes.

The Traksporter is designed to move heavy equipment by remote control. The robot-like hydraulic carriage can be controlled and monitored by a single operator. This machine provides ultimate control over the load and provides the ability to precisely position a load in confined areas. The machine occupies a minimal amount of space so that impact to production in an operating facility is minimized during a move. This machine is well suited to projects that would otherwise require a much greater deal of time and material resources utilizing conventional rigging methods or machinery dollies. The Traksporter can greatly reduce move time and increase productivity.